Cookie Policy

The content of this page will change as we use cookies to make your browsing experience on our website better. We also reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to update these terms or Privacy Policy in order improve their effectiveness, so check them back often!
What exactly are cookies?
Websites use cookies to store your preferences, so they can provide you with customized content whether it be related marketing material or just information on the site. These small texts files are unique for each visitor which helps them identify who is visiting at any given time in order customize future experiences.
How are cookies used?
Cookies are small pieces of information that get stored on your computer when you visit a website. They remember what we like and help provide better content based off our preferences as well as remembering where the user has seen them before so ads don’t seem overwhelming or repetitive! Cookies also allow websites owners track user behavior which can be useful in improving their product/service.
The cookies we use can be classified into the following categories:
• Strictly necessary cookies: the website needs cookies to allow users like yourself access into certain areas of our site. These include, for example, those that help us keep track who is accessing what and when so we can improve your experience overall.
• Analytical/performance cookies: the use of these cookies helps us understand your user experience with the website, so that you will not have any problems when using it. For example, we can ensure that finding things on our site is simple and quick for everyone.
• Functionality cookies: we want to give you the option for a personalized experience on our website so we welcome any feedback. In addition, if there is anything that matters most in your daily life and it impacts how often or when someone visits this site then, please let us know!
• Third party cookies: our websites use cookies to help us identify when it is your turn at the computer. These small files are set by other sites whose services we utilize on our own site, such as share buttons for content sharing across social networks or tracking which pages visitors go through most often, but they don’t contain any private information about you!
• Targeted Email Marketing: These cookies allow us to recognize your device when you come back, so that we can provide better service and offers. They also enable features like remembering what page was open last or helping with navigation. We tailor our marketing to you by collecting information about your past interactions with us. We do this so that we can send out relevant ads and avoid wasting time on content which won’t interest or engage the customer in any way!
To avoid cookies, you can refuse them by adjusting your browser or device settings. For more information on these controls and whether they work in each program that creates them, please visit the help material provided with any software programs accept future offerings from companies who use this technology.